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•   Tommy Gallaher  1/5
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Thanks to everyone who came by for Bryson's funeral, that was really nice of you. For those who couldn't make it, I thought you might like to read my brief comments at the graveside service--

"This week I've heard from so many people, of course they're sad about Bryson's passing, but each of them said 'he was soooo nice last time I saw him!' or 'he was soooo funny at school, he kept us laughing in Sunday school!'

"We had some good times together, especially playing baseball.

"I remember Bryson and his father Herbert used to talk about baseball all the time...sometimes fussin' and arguing over which player was better and so forth.  We would sometimes play in the field near Bryson's house at the end of Clearview Drive...where you just choose up sides and make bases out of scraps of cardboard or was so much fun playing baseball like that.

"We both loved playing Little League and Babe Ruth baseball.  I remember one game when Bryson was playing for McDowell Motors, he was 4 for 4, and he made a great catch in the outfield...he was so proud that night, after the game struttin' around like a peacock...I was happy for him.

"Bryson had some health problems, but he was really tough and proud, he didn't want people thinking of him as disabled or homebound or anything like that.  And Bryson was amazingly sharp, when we would talk about old times or old movies or whatever, it was Bryson who would remember the details that I couldn't 'No Gallaher, it was this way...don't you remember!'

"And Bryson was so proud of his nieces Julie and Jennifer, he would show me pictures of them, tell me what they were doing...I remember one of you was in some plays and into acting for a while.  I can't remember which one...I'm sure Bryson would fuss at me for not remembering...'Aw Gallaher, don't you know, don't you remember?!?'

"God bless you Bryson, in spite of everything you hung in there like a champ, when others would have given up a long time ago."-- TG